RM4220 - Amplifier for strain gage transducers with 4 mA to 20 mA output signal

HBM's RM4220 is a strain gage amplifier. Because it simply snaps on to standardized support rails, the RM 4220 amplifier is easy to install. A service-friendly snap-in terminal block is used to make the electrical connection. Individual strain gage transducers as well as several strain gages connected in parallel (>80 Ohms) can be connected to the measuring amplifier.

This amplifier offers a very simple and practical calibration of the zero point and the final value by using DIP– switches and potentiometer. The excitation voltage is selectable with 5 or 10 V. The output signal is 0/10 V or +/- 10V and 4/20 mA.

The connection of the transducer is either possible in 4– or 6–wire technique. If you use the 6–wire technique, you can neglect the effects on resistance variation of the extension wire. The housing made of polyamide PA type PHOENIX EM can be hooked up with every DIN EN support rail (EN 50022 standard).

Key Feature(s)

  • Amplifier for up to four 350-Ohm transducers
  • To use for mounting on DIN rails
  • Adjustment via DIP switches and potentiometers
  • Service frendly via using plug in terminal

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