VKIA405 - Protecting storage places against overloading: Digital amplifier for connecting up to 4 strain gage load cells

Use in storage lifts and high bay warehouses places special demands on test equipment: Every maintenance activity would interrupt the continuous unloading and loading of goods and thus cost hard cash. Long-term stability is thus the ultimate criterion in choosing the right measurement and weighing equipment. Standard scales do not comply with these high requirements.

Protection against overloading of storage places

For this purpose, HBM has developed the VKIA405 digital amplifier which enables up to four strain gage load cells to be connected and which has proven its long-term stability in many tests. The VKIA405 reliably ensures security and prevents overloading of a storage place or even of the whole warehouse.

Four steps to get your measurement result

A typical solution for storage places from 200 kg up to 2000 kg (440 to 4400 lbs) is to integrate the VKIA405 and the matching load cells into the flow of materials, for example into the loading station. Installing the weighing system is very easy:

  • Load the corners
  • Read the correction value from the diagram
  • Activate the adjustment resistance
  • Place a defined load on the scale and transfer the measured value via the software.

The VKIA405 offers an RS485 interface and IP65 degree of protection. In addition to the application described above it is suited to simple weighing and monitoring tasks that do not require legal-for-trade equipment.

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