Downloads for QuantumX & SomatXR

Important: All QuantumX modules are delivered with firmware version 4 since March 2014. The firmware of existing modules can be updated. If you use catman Easy/AP, version 3.5 is the minimum requriement. Please see below for further information.

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Firmware QuantumX / SomatXR MX Modules

Firmware QuantumX Data Recorder

Firmware QuantumX MX Modules (< Version 4)

Further information about Firmware Version 4.x

The following versions are the minimum required to ensure full compatibility with your QuantumX modules:

  • catman Easy / catman AP: Version 3.5 or higher
  • catman Enterprise: Version 6.5 or higher
  • QuantumX API: Version 4 or higher
  • QuantumX LabVIEW Driver: Version 4 or higher
  • QuantumX CANape Driver: Version 4 or higher
  • HBM DIAdem Driver: Version 5 or higher
  • MX Assistant (former QuantumX Assistant): Version 4 or higher

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Software for QuantumX & SomatXR

Description Version Build Size Date
catman Easy / catman AP / catman PostProcess
Installation Note: Please unzip all files before starting the installation of catman Easy and catman AP.
Hinweis zur Installation: Bitte entpacken Sie alle Dateien, bevor Sie mit der Installation von catman Easy und catman AP beginnen.
3.5.1   549 MByte 03/2014
HBM common API
The HBM common API enables users to develop their own PC software application using Microsoft Visual Studio, to integrate HBM DAQ systems QuantumX, SomatXR, PMX and MGCplus.
The download includes the API as well as documentation and examples.
1.0   12 MByte 07/2014
QuantumX CANape Driver
The driver allows to integrate all QuantumX measurement modules in CANape.
4.0   9 MByte 03/2014
Our Video Tutorial: How to update the QuantumX firmware