Improving Products One Measurement at a Time

When you need to test a product that does not yet exist.

When the difference between success and failure is measured in thousandths.

When your job is to break the unbreakable.

No other measures up to HBM.




Strain gauges

Electrical and optical strain gauges for experimental stress analysis and transducer manufacturing

Load cell from HBM

Load cells for measuring force and weight

Torque transducer

Torque transducers from the world market leader

A reliable solution for monitoring applications like in structural testing and construction

HBM Custom Sensors

Designed to meet your unique requirements

The universal DAQ system for versatile lab and field tests

High-speed data acquisition system

Sampling rates up to 100 MS/s

For safe measurements under extreme conditions

Force Transducers

For measuring static and dynamic tensile and compressive loads - with virtually no displacement

Signal Conditioners for production monitoring

Signal conditioner and modular real-time measuring amplifier system for automation tasks in production and industrial test benches with optional Soft-PLC (CODESYS)

Weight Indicator and Weight Controller

For all industrial platform scales, truck or container scales

Measurement data acquisition software

The world's leading software solution for visualizing and acquiring measurement data

Fatigue and durability software

nCode software solutions for virtual fatigue and durability tests

HBM Calibration Laboratory and Calibration Services

Advanced services for calibrating force, torque, pressure and data acquisition systems

Measurement Services

HBM offers a wide range of measurement services like on-site service applications

Experimental stress analysis enables you to measure stress occurring in the components used in your products

The complete measurement chain comprised of powerful data acquisition systems and matching transducers

Torque measurement technology on rotating and non-rotating systems

Force displacement measurement, testing of springs and dampers for suspension systems, nozzle test in diesel injection systems, switches for temperature and audio control

Monitor the quality of the component produced without destructive testing, a simultaneous measurement of pressing force and displacement is required during the fitting process

Thread tension and displacement measurement in textile machinery, web tension in printing machines, water jet cutting using high pressure measurement, static and dynamic acceleration measurement

Load cells used for weighing, metering and filling processes

Precise weighing, fine batching and accurate filling on the fly

Process Weighing

Load cells, weighing modules, electronics and software for level monitoring, tank and batching weighers, and weighing of additives and silos

Whether it is in production, quality control or research and development - HBM measurement technology is used in a wide range of applications in the automotive industry

HBM offers high-precision and high-speed measurement in aerospace testing

HBM has developed its extensive range of equipment both for structural analysis and continued performance across all energy sectors including renewable energy, nuclear, oil and gas

The rail test product range and portfolio offered by HBM for the rail industry covers almost all areas that are relevant metrologically for development, checking, controlling and monitoring

HBM provides the right solution to keep your development and production of ships, marine engines and other components fit for the future

HBM can provide you with an optimized hardware and software packages for process measurement – custom configured to meet your exacting requirements

For the planning and design of buildings, evaluation of damage or implementation of fatigue tests: viable measurement results count in structural health monitoring

Advancing medical technologies with measurement solutions from HBM. HBM offers reliable and precise measurement technology which can be also found in a whole range of medical devices

HBM works closely with universities in various fields. We offer many different products for the entire measurement chain, and we partner with higher learning institutions in research and education

HBM test and measurement technology is used in many areas in the food industry - from production through packaging to distribution

High-quality measurement technology for reliable and resource-saving production planning

HBM offers precise, rugged and explosion proof test and measurement equipment for chemical applications. Batching, dosing, weighing, filling and more

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