S2M Force Load Cell

S2M - The Reliable S-type Force Transducer Offering High Precision and Outstanding Performance

The S2M force transducer has been designed for measuring static and dynamic tensile and compressive forces.

With S2M, you benefit from a new generation of high-precision, S-type force transducers. Be it force measurement in machines, test benches and production lines or tests in development: S2M is the reliable and safe choice for precise force measurement - providing compelling benefits for you:

  • High accuracy and very small measurement uncertainty - for more significant results and increased efficiency of your measurements
  • Rugged and reliable with IP67 degree of protection - protected against dust and water
  • Efficient and cost-saving thanks to 2 mV/V output signal, even with a small nominal (rated) measuring range of 10 N.

... all of this at an exceptionally attractive price!

The S2M force load cell has been designed for utilization in static and dynamic testing machines, test benches and production lines. Whether in materials testing, functional testing of components or production monitoring—the S-type force transducer is outstanding for its wide range of applications.

Seven force measuring ranges from 0…10 N to 0…1000 N are available - with identical geometric dimensions. This reduces both design cost and component variety in the integration into the respective system. The integration is done either directly via the two central internal threads in the fold-back arms or via knuckle eyes that can be ordered as an option.

Compelling ruggedness and reliability during use

Thanks to its IP67 degree of protection, the S2M force transducer provides reliable and safe measurement results even in harsh environments. The integrated mechanical overload stops allow specification of a breaking load of up to 1000% of its nominal (rated) force in both tensile and compressive direction. The S2M force transducer offers excellent specifications in terms of linearity, hysteresis error and temperature behavior.

Small measurement uncertainty, 2 mV/V output signal: increased efficiency in force measurement

Another plus is the S2M's high accuracy class of 0.02 or, respectively, its outstandingly small measurement uncertainty. Small measurement uncertainty is a prerequisite for increased efficiency in your production and measurement tasks (read our technical article). Accuracy is key to the S2M's flexible cable as well; it has very little impact on the measurement result and allows setting up of cable chains.

S2M operates with 2 mV/V output signal, even with very small nominal (rated) measuring ranges of 10 N. In concrete terms this means that you do not have to compromise on measurement quality when using standard amplifiers, since you utilize the full input range and thus maintain signal quality. More reliable measurement results and clear cost benefits for you - through optimized sensor design!

The force transducer can be optionally fitted with TEDS - the transducer electronic data sheet.

Note: S2M is the successor to the S2 force transducer from HBM.

Do you want to measure higher forces?

All the benefits provided by S2M for higher nominal (rated) measuring ranges from 500 N bis 50 kN: S9M force transducer from HBM

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Key Features

  • Direction of force: Tension/ Compression
  • Accuracy class 0.02
  • Nominal (rated) forces from 10-1000N
  • IP67 protection
  • High lateral force stability
  • Six-wire circuit

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