U10M Force Transducer Load Cell

U10M / U10S - Precise Load Cell for Tensile and Compressive Forces with High and Dynamic Oscillation Width

U10 force transducers: For measuring static and dynamic tensile and compressive forces:

  • Rugged, low-profile measuring body: strictly symmetrical design using multi-shear web technology
  • Individual bending moment compensation: Thanks to a special electrical alignment procedure, crosstalk from parasitic stresses is kept to a minimum, even in the double bridge version.
  • Also available with integrated cable - for use in harsh environments

Nominal (rated) force [kN]

UNF thread

Metric thread

1.25 kN to 25 kN

5/8-18 UNF-3B

M16 x 2

50 kN to 125 kN

1 1/4-12 UNF-3B

M33 x 2

225 kN

1 3/4-12 UNF-3B


250 kN


M42 x 2

450 kN

2 3/4-8 UNF-3B


500 kN


M72 x 2

U10 force transducers impress with multiple use focusing on applications in test benches, material testing machines, and production. The rotationally symmetric, low-profile force transducers are optimally suited to ensure high endurance strength even with an extreme oscillation width of 200 percent. Thanks to their excellent linearity they guarantee highly precise measurement of the forces applied to a test object even in the partial load range.

Moreover, U10 force transducers are also available with integrated cable thus complying with the IP68 degree of protection. The transducers offer increased safety also when used in harsh environments. U10 with integrated cable is ideal, for example, for test bench applications in environmental chambers where the dew point is often exceeded.

Thanks to a special alignment procedure, crosstalk from parasitic stresses is kept to a minimum. For the double bridge versions required in the aerospace testing sector, this alignment procedure offers equally high quality in both measuring bridges.

TEDS, the electronic data sheet in the U10 force transducers facilitates configuration of the complete measuring chain ensuring minimum expenditure of time and increased safety: Errors resulting from manual entries are prevented.

Complex FEM analyses resulted in the development of the rugged U10M and U10S force transducers providing a small displacement, which is essential for dynamic applications.

U10M with metric thread

U10M Force Transducer

The U10M force transducer can be attached to machine elements with metric threads and is available with nine nominal (rated) measuring ranges from 0... 1.25 kN, 2.5 kN, 5 kN, 12.5 kN, 25 kN, 50 kN, 125 kN, 250 kN and 500 kN. Through numerous options like double bridge version, selection of adjustment parameters and connector selection, the U10M force transducer can be ideally matched to the test task. U10M is made of stainless steel or aluminum and offers IP67 protection.

U10S with UNF standard-compliant inch thread

U10S Force Transducer

U10M is now available under the name U10S, providing inch threads complying with the American UNF (Unified National Fine) standard. The force transducer with UNF-compliant mechanical connectors is offered in the nominal (rated) measuring ranges from 1.25 kN to 450 kN.

Case Studies on U10M

Kratos Safety leaves nothing to chance

Kratos Safety is a leading manufacturer of fall arrest equipment. Both in its products and in its tests the company focuses on safety - and relies on data acquired using the complete measuring chain from HBM.

Bucher Leichtbau uses HBM test and measurement technology to test airworthiness of galleys

Bucher Leichtbau AG, Switzerland, is a leading manufacturer of galleys and cabinets installed in passenger aircraft and therefore places its trust in stringent testing of its modules to ensure their airworthiness. In the test...

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Product Literature

U10 (U10M, U10S)

Data Sheets

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Key Features

  • For dynamic and static applications
  • Max. operating force: 240%
  • Operating temperature range: -30°C ... +85°C
  • IP67 protection
  • Direction of force: tension / compression
  • Double bridge version option
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • High endurance at high vibration bandwiths
  • Electronic bending moment adjustment

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