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Strain Gauges & Accessories for Strain Measurement

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Our range of strain gauges (strain gages) comprises of an extensive assortment for the most widely differing strain measurement applications – from experimental stress analysis, durability testing through transducer manufacturing.

Additionally, HBM offers you all the necessary accessories and components for the installation of your strain gauge.

Strain Gauge for Stress Analysis

Strain Gauges for Durability Testing and Experimental Stress Analysis

The right strain gauge for a wide range of different applications, including Durability Tests and Experimental Stress Analysis.

Strain Gauges for Durability Testing from HBM

Strain gauge for transducer manufacturer

Strain Gauges for Transducer Manufacturers

HBM provides you with a choice of standardized and customized strain gauges for manufacturing measurement transducers.

Strain Gauges for Transducer Manufacturers

Optical strain gauges

Optical strain gauges

Optical measurement technology based on Fiber Bragg Gratings: Benefit from the many new advantages of measuring with light.

Optical strain gauges

Adhesives for strain gauges

Adhesives & Bonding Material for Strain Gauges

We provide bonding material to ideally attach your strain gauge to the test object.

Adhesives & Bonding Material for Strain Gauges

Protective coatings for strain gauges

Protective Coatings for Strain Gauges

Include strain gauge covering agents to protect your strain gauges against external effects.

Protective Coatings for Strain Gauges

Accessories for strain gauge installation

Accessories for the installation of strain gauges

Cleaning agents, aids for bonding, solder terminals, and more... Everything you need for a good strain gauge application.

Strain gauge accessories from HBM...

Tips & Tricks

Strain Measurement Tips & Tricks
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Tips & Tricks on Strain Measurement

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