A melhor solução para as mais distintas aplicações

Maximize a qualidade dos seus processos de inserção - como perfuração, rebitagem e prensagem – usando sensores e amplificadores industriais da HBM.

Veja exemplos de processos para os quais a HBM provê cadeias de medição completas para máquinas de monitoramento de vários tipos...


  • Riveting and clinching of components and sheets
  • Punch riveting, blind riveting
  • Press fitting of bearings in gear units
  • Assembly of valve seats and guides in cylinder heads
  • Multi-component force monitoring during assembly of aircraft components

Metal Working

  • Measuring press forces when stamping coins, sheets, washers
  • Steel or cellulose rolling
  • Monitoring large presses in the automotive industry

Primary Shaping Of Base Materials

  • Process control in tablet pressing
  • Production monitoring in CD production
  • Process control in vehicle inner cladding production

Machine Control

  • Displacement and yarn tension measurement in textile machinery
  • Web tension measurement in printing presses
  • Measurement of very high pressures in waterjet cutting
  • Control / monitoring of filling systems
  • Load monitoring in cranes and lifting equipment

Functionality Testing

  • Testing of switches and operating elements in vehicle cockpits
  • Switch testing of door systems, locking systems and high-quality domestic appliances
  • Force/displacement measurement in steering column assembly
  • Testing of springs and shock absorbers for the automotive industry
  • Use of pressure transducers for testing injection nozzles

Energy Production

  • Pressure monitoring of power lines
  • Force monitoring in wind power systems
  • Torque monitoring in generators
  • Overload control in heavy diesel motors