Relatórios de aplicação sobre a tecnologia de pesagem

Highest accuracy for the smallest dosage - PW25 makes filling scale for powder more hygienic

MCPI has always used HBM load cells in its high-precision filling scales for powder. Thanks to the PW25 easy-to-clean load cell, the French company can now design hygienic systems as well.

Anything else with that? Throughput checkweigher with uncovered weighing technology

Liebel and VC999 jointly developped a four-lane throughput checkweigher with an innovative design - made possible by HBM's EHEDG-certified PW27 load cell.

CC-Link and the future of industrial networks

HBM met with John Browett, General Manager of the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) and discussed the advantages and future of CC-Link.

Tailor-made for the food industry

When developing a new multihead weigher, Bilwinco faced the challenge of developing a suitable load cell which was customised for the food industry. The solution: PW27 from HBM.

An idea for tomorrow's traffic: who overloads pays more

The idea of tolls differentiated by the road damage caused is currently tested using a prototype in Romania. On board: HBM measurement technology.

Weighing a giant tortoise using load cells from HBM

Why do the shells of giant turtoises have such widely-varying shapes on different Galapagos islands? A research project in the Netherlands should answer this question by using HBM measurement technology.

Optimum use of resources in MDF production systems

The production systems for wood-based material panels of the Eppinger Dieffenbacher Group are in worldwide demand. The group has decided to use HBM’s digiCLIP digital industrial measuring amplifier and load cells in the fiber...

Balanças dinâmicas Teltek para estabelecer a quantidade correta de peixe na embalagem

A Teltek acaba de fornecer uma nova balança para uma fábrica de peixes pertencentes a fabricante de alimentos congelados Espersen na Lituânia. Vai ser uma parte importante da linha de produção, garantindo que cada embalagem de...

Measuring Mudslides: Tracking Extreme Forces

Tons of debris, rush precipitously down mountainsides into valleys during mudslides. To better understand the forces at work, the Research Organization WSL is using a special scale with measurement technology from HBM.

High-accuracy load cells ensure quality control in numerous Chinese cement plants

The largest construction company in China, XCMG, has embarked on a development program to optimize the quality control in its cement mixing plants by fitting a selection of HBM load cells.

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