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Practical tips for working with catman®

catman® is the powerful software for acquiring, visualizing and analyzing your measurement data. To enable you to benefit even more from using catman® for your measurement tasks, we have prepared some practical examples for catman®AP and catman®Professional.

catman® Practical Examples

Synchronization of different DAQ systems via NTP time stamping

From version 3.2 of catman®AP it is possible to synchronize several devices (hybrid system) of type QuantumX, MGCplus (with CP42) or optical interrogators (DIxxx) among each other or distributed QuantumX modules via time stamps...

Support of the DAQ system eDAQ in catmanEasy/AP 3.3

Since version 3.1 of catmanEasy and catmanAP the eDAQ and eDAQlite DAQ systems are supported by this software. This document describes preconditions, restrictions, particularities and the typical operation with version 3.3. Older...

Import filter to import catman data (.BIN) into Famos

Import filter to import catman data (.BIN) into Famos.

Import filter to import catman data (.BIN) into DIAdem

Import filter to import catman data (.BIN) into DIAdem.

EasyScript example: How to calculate hysteresis

This EasyScript example calculates the hysteresis, the difference/gap between the upwards and downwards branch of a curve, at a defined x-position.

EasyScript example: How to write test values during an ongoing measurement from catman®AP to an Excel file?

EasyScript example (for catman®Easy): Single values (Snapshot) to Excel

Knowledge Base for catman®Professional

The catman® knowledge base is a collection of technical articles covering the catman® software package for data acquisition and analysis.

Click here to download the catman® knowledge base

Suited up to catman®Professional version 5