Marine Industry

HBM solutions for the marine and shipbuilding industry

Shipping has been the basis of global trade for thousands of years. The call for greater efficiency, increasingly stringent emissions directives, and new ship propulsion systems bring new challenges for the shipbuilding industry worldwide.

HBM provides you with the right solution to keep your development and production of ships, marine engines and other components fit for the future. For example, in the following applications:

Testing of ship combustion engines

Testing of ship engines

Testing of ship combustion engines

This is a standard application in engine testing, however it is often still performed by means of lever arms and force transducers – thus not meeting new requirements for measurement uncertainty budgets.

Standard HBM T10FH or T40FM torque transducers are perfect for the implementation into systems for testing of ship engines. With this well accepted technology, measurement uncertainty budgets of less than 1% for the complete test systems can be met.

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Torque transducers from HBM for ship engine testing:

T10FH analog high capacity torque flange

T40FM digital high capacity torque flange

Monitoring of gas engines with direct drive mechanism

Monitoring of gas engines in direct drive propulsions

Mounting of a torque flange in a drive train. (Top-right corner) Torque flange with a nominal (rated) measuring range of 2MNm.

The latest international regulations, such as MARPOL annex VI, requires significant emission reductions.

An option for this is to increase the use of gas engines, instead of classic diesel engines. Gas engines burn very cleanly therefore exhaust gas cleaning is not necessary, however to do this they need to be carefully controlled by a high precision load signal.

Torque transducers directly installed on-board of ships with gas engines (or dual fuel engines), with direct drive propulsions, can automatically optimise the gas engine performance – this also guarantees the protection of the gas engine from knocking, misfiring and overload. Furthermore, this torque flange technology has been identified and is now promoted by international marine societies.

A customized version of HBM's T10FH high capacity torque transducer is now available with ATEX certification.

T10FH torque transducer with ATEX certificate for monitoring of gas engines

Upgrading of high-capacity hydraulic dynamometers

Upgrading of high-capacity hydraulic dynamometers

High capacity dynamometers are integral part of test systems for marine engines. They are often still equipped with lever arms and force transducers; however this installation limits the measurement uncertainty.

A state of the art solution is offered by HBM: installation of a torque flange directly to the output shaft of the dynamometer is by far the more precise method of doing this.

Hull testing

Be it on board, in the test bench or on a model: HBM test and measurement equipment allows optimized stress testing and monitoring of ship hulls. Use the complete measuring chain from a single source: Strain gauges, transducers, data acquisition systems and professional measurement software.

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Data acquisition in simulations and tests in the shipbuilding industry

Ships are sometimes subjected to enormous mechanical stress. Therefore, studies and experiments on ship models are carried through in special test facilities to allow better understanding of physical phenomena and to optimize ship designs.

Powerful measurement data acquisition is a must. Leading research institutes, for example MARINTEK in Norway place their trust in HBM data acquisition systems

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Structural analysis with high channel counts

catman®Enterprise Software

Do you want to subject large structures, for example ships to structural analysis and stress tests? The MGCplus data acquisition system combined with catman®Enterprise software is the optimal solution for measurement tasks involving high channel counts.

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Virtual fatigue tests using nCode software

nCode Fatigue and Durability Software

HBM nCode software solutions help you understand the key influencing factors that affect product durability. HBM nCode fatigue and durability test software enables you, for example, to:

  • Perform powerful analysis quickly and efficiently
  • Dramatically save analysis time - often from days to minutes
  • Avoid over design and associate cost and weight
  • Automate complex analysis and processes
  • Share and analyze service load data easily.

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Weighing of ships, ship's bridges and other components

When correct weight is what counts: HBM load cells are integrated in different types of scales to ensure precise results. They are also available as weighing modules, for example for silo weighing.

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Case Studies from the Marine Industry

Underwater blasting project meets stringent safety limits with HBM’s Genesis equipment

Two US contractors have used HBM's Genesis high-speed data acquisition equipment to successfully monitor the underwater blasting of a one-mile long, environmentally-sensitive section of the Columbia River near St Helens in...

HBM’s eDAQ monitors hull for maximum military success

The latest British military fast landing craft demonstrator has been developed and built by QinetiQ using HBM‘s eDAQ data acquisition system as part of the testing and analysis regime. The Partial Air Cushion Supported CATamaran...

The world's fastest sailing boat uses HBM measurement technology

"Flying" over the ocean with a boat requires innovative materials and technologies. The French sailor Alain Thébault relies on HBM measurement technology for evaluating potential load limits during the development of his trimaran...

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The fastest sailing boat in the world at sea with measurement technology from HBM.

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