Transient recorder from HBM

Transient recorder from HBM: Measure each transient spike with highest efficiency

Capturing and analyzing short, rapidly occurring single-shot events efficiently.

A transient recorder is important for capturing data from tests such as explosions, ballistic tests, destructive testing and pyrotechnics where the most important information happens in milliseconds. A high-quality transient recorder captures a large number of channels at very high sampling rates and may be capable of dual rate recording to ensure that all events in the test are captured.

Three models of transient recorders meet your every need

Now HBM has consolidated the former Nicolet range of transient recorders into three models to meet every need from portable in-field testing to high-end dual rate recording that enables both triggered and continuous data capture.

Rely on HBM's Genesis HighSpeed transient recorder technology to catch the "once in a lifetime" event you may be waiting for. High sample rates, long memory and reliable trigger features help you do your job in these applications.

Select your GEN series transient recorder today

The HBM range of transient recorders includes two portable models for testing in the field and one model – with two variants – for laboratory or test-bench use. Each HBM transient data recorder is ready to use right out of the box and can be set up very quickly.

Some factors you should consider before selecting your GEN series transient recorder; getting the right model will save you time and money.

GEN2i transient recorder

The GEN2i transient recorder is a very portable instrument that features a touch screen making it intuitively easy to use. It can capture up to 16 channels and features integrated Perception software for rapid analysis. It is intended to replace the Nicolet Vision data recorder, the Sigma transient oscilloscope and the Nicolet Pro and PowerPro transient recorders.

GEN2i transient recorder

GEN5i transient recorder

The GEN5i transient recorder is a portable device containing an integrated PC for in-depth analysis in the field. It can capture up to 40 channels at sampling rates up to 100 MS/s. It is intended to replace the Nicolet Odyssey and BE2580P transient recorders.

GEN5i transient recorder

GEN7t/16t transient recorder

The GEN7t/16t is the ultimate transient recorder with dual rate recording. It can be connected to a maximum of 8 slaves units to capture a total of 1,080 synchronized channels at sampling rates of up to 100 MS/s. It is designed to fit in a standard cabinet with the two variants having different numbers of slots for acquisition modules. These two are intended to replace the Nicolet MultiPro, 500 and BE256 transient recorders.

GEN7t/16t transient recorder

Comprehensive technical information on transient data recorders

The GEN series of transient data recorders are measuring instruments designed to take your company into the next generation. Download the technical specifications for each model by clicking on the hyperlinks or click here to download information on all three HBM transient recorders.