Somat - Rugged, Mobile Data Acquisition Systems (DAQ)

Read the SoMat brochure online
Read the SoMat brochure online
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Somat eDAQ and Somat eDAQlite systems offer you an unrivaled combination of features:

  • Leading edge signal conditioning
  • Correlation of physical data, vehicle bus and GPS
  • Real-time data processing, triggering and complex computations
  • Rugged stand-alone data acquisition systems
  • Engineered for mobile applications
  • Sealed for extreme environments

Our products are built tough to withstand the harsh environments you work in and have the capacity to perform a broad range of on-board data processing. This real-time data processing is achieved using Somat DataModes technology.

Video on Mobile Data Acquisition


View our new video highlighting the convenience of mobile and accessible data acquisition.



Go Anywhere, Test Anything with These SoMat Systems:

SoMat eDAQ

The SoMat eDAQ is a stand–alone, fully specified data acquisition system designed for test lab, field testing and unattended monitoring in harsh environments. SoMat eDAQ's are perfect for high channel counts.

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SoMat eDAQlite

The SoMat eDAQlite is a stand–alone, compact data acquisition system designed for field testing and unattended monitoring in harsh environments.

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SomatCR is the new rugged, mobile, CAN-based temperature data acquisition module.

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Newest Application Report with Sims Professional Engineers

Reliable Data Acquisition Ensures Rail Car Safety

“The eDAQ has consistently produced reliable test data for Sims Professional Engineers (SPE), even in the harshest conditions. It has proven to be a worthwhile investment for SPE.”

Cody Kasten, Project Engineer

Sims Professional Engineers (SPE)

HBM Customer Magazine

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Compatibility with third party software

HBM DAQ systems can be integrated with 3rd party software or customized applications.

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