Application Reports on Experimental Stress Analysis

HBM FiberSensing … One Year Later

Since the acquisition one year ago, HBM FiberSensing was able to underline its strengths and enlarge its business opportunities.

The Kaunertal Project: Optical Measurements at High Pressure Water Pipe

HBM won the tender to provide and install a complete system with electrical and optical sensing for a structural load test in the Kaunertal Dam penstock pipes (Hydro Power station), in Innsbruck, Austria.

Numerical and Experimental Study of a Sailing Yacht Assisted by the Use of Strain Gauges

Read this article to learn more about the numerical and experimental study of a sailing yacht assisted by the use of strain gauges.

Formula SAE/Student: University of Bologna team uses HBM strain gauges

The Formula Studen team from the university of Bologna uses strain gauges in the vehicle to determine which forces act on which components in the suspension.

Minesto generates power from tidal and ocean currents with measurement technology from HBM

Minesto develops power plants for the commercial production of electricity from slow ocean and tidal currents using strain gauges from HBM.

HBM’s measurements show: The carrying capacity of the Holmenbrua bridge in Norway is weakened

Due to a significant increase in traffic volume, examinations of the Norwegian bridge’s construction was initiated to determine if it could withstand the burden it was exposed to or whether improvements were needed.

Validated reality: Strain gauges ensure safe design of components in the AMZ racing car

The AMZ racing team relies on comprehensive testing using HBM strain gauges and data acquisition systems during modeling and FEM simulation validation.

Accurate right down to the bean: Innovative PTB method of measurement is opening new ways in industry

Using a compact temperature sensor from HBM, the German National Metrology Institute (PTB), has developed a new process for measuring the thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of small objects such as coffee beans.

Formula Student: Innovation in the fast lane

The 'High Octane Motorsports e.V.' Formula Student team of Friedrich-Alexander University is supported by HBM to optimize motor and power train.

Strain Gauges for a beautiful smile

Strain gauges can be used for measuring almost anything, even strain in braces. Watch our video!

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