Application Reports on Test & Measurement

Comparative tests at Chinese university highlight QuantumX capabilities

A Chinese university required a DAQ system that would produce accurate measurements of the potential forces acting on a structure during earthquakes. Comparative tests highlighted QuantumX capabilities.

Ants go for the new 3D miniature force measurement platform

In this case study you learn more about how a miniature measurement platform was developed at the University of Jena using test and measurement equipment from HBM.

Data Acquisition on a 7 Second Dragster

Ray Thompson of Thompson Engineering and Racing used the HBM Somat eDAQ-lite to measure the 7 second dragster.

Optimized ski cross performance - with SoMat and nCode GlyphWorks

French Skiing Federation (FFS) optimizes ski cross performance using the whole HBM measurement chain: SoMat for the data acquisition and nCode GlyphWorks for data analysis.

Measuring temperatures at high speed: QuantumX amplifier records motor temperature at Toyota Motorsport test bench

Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) intends to optimize engines and boost efficiency with a new test bench. Among other features, the test bench is equipped with the QuantumX measurement data acquisition system from HBM.

AVIATEST: Structural testing of airframes with QuantumX

Latvian company AVIATEST focuses on different longevity, resources and static strength tests. The company relies on HBM's QuantumX system - and is using the device even for in-flight tests.

Validated reality: Strain gauges ensure safe design of components in the AMZ racing car

The AMZ racing team relies on comprehensive testing using HBM strain gauges and data acquisition systems during modeling and FEM simulation validation.

Safer seawalls thanks to reliable testing

When a wave is hitting a seawall, extreme forces can occur. Spanish researchers developed a test rig to simulate these forces. Measurement technology from HBM provided reliable data during the tests.

Reliable results at 150G: QuantumX used for data acquisition in a geotechnical centrifuge

Geotechnical centrifuges facilitate the modeling of complex processes in the soil. Reliable data acquisition is as important as the centrifuge itself. For this reason, engineers at Pretoria University trust HBM's QuantumX.

New materials in crash tests: institute for lightweight automotive construction relies on HBM's Genesis HighSpeed

The Institute for Lightweight Construction in Automobiles (LIA) at the University of Paderborn examines and develops lightweight construction concepts. For the data acquisition the LIA relies on GEN5i from HBM.

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