Weighing technology from HBM - The right solution for your application...

We provide …

… sophisticated and innovative weighing technology components specifically for your application:

  • Standard load cells and single point load cells
  • Load cells with numerous options for individual configuration
  • Bus-capable electronics and amplifiers
  • Software for visualization and analysis of measurement signals

… safety with certification:

  • High-precision load cells with valid national and international test certificates
  • Different HBM load cells from the standard product program are available in ATEX95-compliant versions for the various zones
  • International approvals make HBM load cells easier and faster to use: (NTEP, GOS, OIML …)

… an extensive range of services from the world‘s leading weighing technology experts:

  • HBM expertise available on any site anywhere in the world
  • Individual consulting, installation and start-up
  • Training and seminars
  • Calibration service