Digital torque sensor T12

Innovative T12 Ultra-High-Precision Digital Torque Transducer

You are a technology leader and demand optimum performance with regard to accuracy and reliability for your highly dynamic test benches. Enhance your competitive advantage by relying on the innovative T12 digital telemetry transducer, the new benchmark for accuracy, safety and flexibility when measuring torque.

  • Venture into a new dimension of accuracy with your measurements. T12 provides record performance!
  • Save additional costs for separate electronics and software components. With T12, you get a complete measurement system in a single transducer.
  • Gain time with quick and accurate results using TEDS or the direct fieldbus link for connecting the T12 torque transducer in minutes
  • Minimize your risks using the multiple monitoring functions provided by T12

T12 Provides High Accuracy, High Dynamics, High Resolution!

You need accurate results for your demanding tests. The T12 torque transducer guarantees accurate results over the wide measuring frequency range of 0 Hz to 6,000 Hz, even up to physical limits.

Measure Big and Small Signal Amplitudes Without Loss of Information With High Resolution

Benefit from the smart design of T12 to save time and be more efficient. The T12 digital torque transducer uses modern fieldbus systems (CANopen, PROFIBUS DPV1) to connect directly to your PLC automation systems. Full compatibility with your existing equipment: T12 provides a frequency and analog output, enabling optimum use with conventional technologies.

Regardless of the approach you choose, with T12 you are prepared for future measurement tasks, assuring full protection of your investment.

Can You Rely on Your Test Results? T12  Provides Results Immediately

Your demanding customers require that you provide proof of the reliability of your results. T12 enables you to verify the quality of your measurements immediately. Recording of the minimum and maximum values permits you to recognize immediately whether your transducer has been overloaded. The above-mentioned and additional monitoring functions (temperature recording, self-diagnosis, saving of calibration data) allow you to get a closer look into the sensor at any time, and ensuring the quality of your measurements.

Torque measurement system T12

Your Benefits

  • Maximum Accuracy
    Venture into a new dimension of accuracy with your measurements. A single transducer for all measurement tasks, T12 provides you with an unparalleled combination of accuracy and wide dynamic bandwidth.
  • Maximum Safety
    Absolute reliability for your measurements. The smart self diagnosis and process monitoring functions of T12 provide full transparency on the quality of your measurements. Benefit from a new safety standard.
  • Maximum Flexibility
    The innovative design of the T12 transducer ensures quick, easy, and flexible integration into your systems – conventionally through analog interfaces (frequency, voltage) or through up-to-date fieldbus systems.
  • Maximum Ease of Use
    Quick and easy to set up. Save time when mounting and configuring the amplifier, thanks to the modular design, plug and measure, and direct control through the included T12 Assistant software.
  • Maximum Efficiency
    T12 bundles the transducer, electronics, and software in one system, eliminating cost of additional components. In daily use, T12 ensures low operating costs. Thanks to its non-contacting design, T12 is absolutely maintenance- and wear-free.

Product Literature

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Product Literature

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Precision in series: This also applies to the accuracy of the values specified in our data sheets. Ideal conditions can often be theoretically attained based on the values given, but our data sheets focus on realistic standard assumptions - such as those likely to be encountered in your application. Therefore, please consider this when comparing our data sheets with those of other manufacturers.


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