Measuring Dynamic Torque Signals Economically with the T40FM Digital Torque Transducer

Optimized Construction and Digital Transfer at an Attractive Price

The T40FM digital torque transducer measures highly dynamic processes from 15 to 80 kNm up to a bandwidth of 6 kHz. The T40FM’s short design and very low weight ensure a small mass moment of inertia. The secure, digital measured value transfer offers high interference immunity and maximum accuracy. The T40FM is optimally suited for torque measurements in large engine, gear and rolling road test benches.

Product Description T40FM

Frequency Reserves for the Test Bench Construction

The T40FM's extremely high torsional stiffness and the reduced mass moment of inertia result in a significantly better natural torsion frequency of the torque transducer. This creates the condition for further expansion of resonance frequency up to higher values during dynamic measurements in test bench applications. This allows the reserves up to the resonance frequency to be increased for numerous operating conditions. The entire construction is protected, failures are prevented and so costs are saved.

High Limit Loads During Torque Peaks

The mechanically robust measuring body of the T40FM can withstand a peak load of up to 660 percent, depending on the nominal (rated) measuring range, so it can absorb torque peaks. This saves test bench construction costs and improves safety and the overall availability of the plant.

Innovative Design

Strain gauges located within the T40FM torque tranducer's measuring body provide excellent protection against environmental factors such as dirt and moisture. With protection up to IP54 ensured, the T40FM is an optimal choice for applications in tough industrial environments.

Speed Measurement with Magneto Resistive Sensors

Another advantage that the T40FM offers for industrial applications is its optional rotational speed measuring system. A magnetic rotational speed measuring system like the one in the T40FM is far superior to an optical system in rough industrial operations; contaminants, such as dust or oil, won’t affect the signal. Due to the possibilities of the magnetic principle, the output pulse count of 1024 pulses per revolution remains identical for all measurement ranges up to 80 kNm. In addition, an optional reference pulse is now available that further enhances the magnetic rotational speed measuring system. The integrated speed transducer simplifies handling and allows for other functions to be performed.

Secure Transmission of Measured Values Through Digital Communication

The T40FM torque transducer ensures secure, digital transmission of measured values. A special sigma-delta converter digitalizes and transmits the measured values from the rotor to the stator. The T40M’s high transmission speed (1.0 MBaud) and error detection ensures insensitivity to noise without loss of data or accuracy, even in EMC-critical applications. The special analog-to-digital conversion technology, combined with the high sampling rate of 38,125 measured values, eliminates internal aliasing problems.

The digital TMC interface in the torque transducer stator supports communication with the TIM40 torque interface module. It supports various Fieldbuses, such as CAN, Profibus-DP or EtherCat. This simplifies integration in Fieldbus-based test bench designs.


Digital data exchange between automation system and field device

Upgrading Made Easy

The T40FM rotor has the same dimensions as the T10FM rotor, so upgrade compatibility is ensured. Simply by exchanging the rotor and corresponding stator, existing plants can profit from the improved properties of the T40FM.

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