eDAQ-lite Base Module

SoMat eDAQlite Battery Layer

The SoMat eDAQlite Battery Layer (ELBAT-2) is located below the eDAQlite in a machined aluminum enclosure. It attaches with four 8-32 screws to the base plate of the eDAQlite, replacing the rubber feet. The feet can be relocated to the battery layer for mounting purposes. A short cable, with the eDAQ D-Sub power connector, connects to the eDAQlite and is also utilized for charging purposes.

The battery is a lithium polymer (LiPo) pack with a capacity of 4000 mAh. Depending on the eDAQlite configuration, it can support a system for more than 10 hours. Since every eDAQlite configuration is unique; measuring the current draw, or using guidelines for power estimates, will determine the performance on your system.

Not Available in EU Countries

Product Specifications


Size: 5.625”W x 7.875”L x 1.0”H (14.3cm W x 20cm L x 2.54cm H)
Weight: 3.0 lbs (1.37kg)
Temperature: 0° to 140° F
Connectors: D-Sub Power Connector


Power Supply: 14.8 – 12V
Volts Capacity: 4000 mAh
Charge/Discharge Cycles: 300+
Re-Charge Rate: About 1 hour


(1) Charging System (ELBAT-CHARGER)

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Product Literature

Somat ELBAT-2
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Cables and Accessories

eDAQ-lite Replacement Battery

eDAQ-lite Replacement Battery

The SoMat eDAQ-lite Replacement Battery (ELBAT-RB) is the replacement battery for the SoMat eDAQ-lite Battery Layer (ELBAT).

The SoMat eDAQ-lite Replacement Charger (ELBAT-CHARGER) is the replacement battery charger for the SoMat eDAQ-lite Battery Layer (ELBAT).

eDAQ-lite Replacement Charger

The SoMat eDAQ-lite Replacement Charger is the replacement battery charger for the SoMat eDAQ-lite Battery Layer (ELBAT). Not Available in EU Countries


E-AC/15 – 15-Volt Power Supply

The E-AC/15 is a high-quality 15 volt DC power supply that provides power to an eDAQ or eDAQlite from a standard 120/240 volt supply.

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