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HBM - Your eMobility Test Center

HBM supports clients with the right tools that make their products more sustainable by optimizing efficiency, performance and range, enhancing structural durability, and conducting thermal analysis.

eMobility with HBM

Latest Innovations from HBM

MXFS, the New Optical Interrogator
Coming soon: The new optical interrogator for thermal validation and structural health applications. Ideal in combination with HBM's optical sensors.
P60 Miniature Pressure Transducer up to 200 bar
Owing to their diameters of only 16 mm, series P60 pressure transducers are true "space miracles". They can be incorporated into virtually any application.
Z6R - Robust Bending Beam Load Cell
The Z6R bending beam load cell is robust, easy to clean and compatible with the Z6 market standard.
DSE Weighing Electronics
Innovative and hygienic digital sensor electronics DSE combines precise and dynamic signal processing with efficient communication via Industrial Ethernet.