Optical strain gages for high-voltage applications

Type K-OL optical strain gages have been optimized for high-voltage applications. A high-voltage test at IPH, an accredited and manufacturer-independent testing institute, has proven: The K-OL strain gage even withstands 52 kV.

Optical strain gages made from optical fiber are as rugged and easy to install as electrical strain gages. Compared to electrical strain gages, optical strain gages open up new opportunities for users because they:

  • Are insensitive to electromagnetic fields
  • Can be used in highly explosive atmospheres
  • Withstand high vibration loads (no mechanical failure of the sensor material)
  • Reach 10 million load cycles at ±5.000 µm/m alternating strain
  • Convince through the light weight of optical fiber compared to conventional connecting cables
  • Offer reduced wiring effort compared to electrical sensors

The optical measurement chain from HBM

All components from a single source

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