KMR force washers 专门用于静态和动态力测量, 特别是进行力监控. 其经常用于食品工业.

IP67 保护等级 使其可以用在室外.

  • 基于应变技术
  • 尺寸复合 DIN 125 标准
  • 保护等级 IP 67
  • 不锈钢
  • 高重复性


  • Heights of construction ranges from 6 mm (20 and 40 kN) to max. 12.5 mm (400 kN capacity)
  • Compatible with M6 (20 kN) to M24 (400 kN) bolted connections
  • Robust, despite small dimensions, due to the introduction of stainless steel materials and IP65 degree of protection in its construction
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The drift-free alternative to a piezoelectric sensor: Reliable and robust force measurement, even with space constraints.


  • Small displacements
  • High fundamental frequencies due to immense stiffness resulting from small displacements
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Virtually the same dynamic characteristics as piezoelectric sensors, but additionally offering drift-free strain gauge technology!

Proven HBM quality

  • Every sensor design has been EMC-tested in HBM’s in-house laboratory (as with all HBM sensors and amplifiers)
  • Stainless steel materials
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Test and measuring equipment you can trust: Proven for years, used implemented in many applications throughout the world

Extensive range of accessories

  • Force introduction washers (as spare part)

Further information can be found in the data sheet.

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