Clip——用于工业测量任务的模拟电子 Clip——用于工业测量任务的模拟电子 | HBM

CLIP — Analog Amplifier for Industrial Applications

Simply ‘clip on’ and get started! The CLIP analog amplifier comes in a lightweight plastic housing. It is designed for applications in production or test benches, and can be easily installed on DIN rails. CLIP modules have DC or CF supply and can be connected to all strain gauge transducers for measuring force, displacement or torque as well as load cells. Moreover, many modules are available for expansion and individual adaptation to respective applications. CLIP combines quick integration and ease of use, and is a cost-effective solution for reliably acquiring physical quantities in harsh industrial environments.

HBM accuracy class: 0.1
Measuring inputs for many common signals in production and test benches
Optional expansion with: current output, limit switch, tare module


Please note: Clip is available until the end of 2019 and is being replaced with the new and precise signal conditioner ClipX!

Learn how to upgrade your module!

CLIP modules at a glance


DC amplifier for strain gauge full bridges; for static and dynamic measurements (<6kHz); selectable excitation voltage; 0.1 ... 8mV/V measuring range


CF amplifier (600Hz) for strain gauge full bridges; very high zero point stability; up to 4 strain gauge transducers can be operated in parallel; 0.03% typ. linearity error; 0.2 ... 8mV/V measuring range


CF amplifier (4.8 kHz) for inductive half and full bridges; 8 ... 400mV/V measuring range


Dual limit switches with 2 separate inputs; reference voltage adjustable between ?0V and +10V; switching direction, hysteresis and switching time can be selected


Automatic tare and store unit; acquisition of peak values and instantaneous values; envelope curve function selectable

EM201, EM201K2:

Single and/or dual find stage for +20mA or +4 ...+20mA current output; permissible load resistance <500 Ohm

NT101A, NT102A:

Power supply for modules (230V, 115V/50 ... 60Hz); up to 4 modules can be connected (15V= / max. 650mA); with overload protection

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