CMD——用于压电传感器的数字电荷放大器 CMD——用于压电传感器的数字电荷放大器 | HBM

数字电荷放大器:测量范围从 50 pC 到 2 Million pC

用于压电传感器的 PACEline-CMD 数字电荷放大器可精确测量力、转矩和压力的快速信号,非常适合于高度动态应用,如冲压过程或汽车零部件的在线测试,其具有非常宽的测量范围并可进行高达 50kHz 快速数据采集。PACEline CMD 可通过数字或模拟接口轻松集成到您的系统中。

  • HBM 精度等级: 0.5
  • 测量范围: 50 pC 到 2 million pC
  • 保护等级: 高达 IP 65


  • 高动态及非常宽的测量范围
  • 测量范围可自由调节或通过传感器设定
  • 交付时提供校准证书
  • 部分量程也确保精度

由于测量范围极宽,可单独调节,因此 应用广泛。


  • 通过以太网接口或10 V模拟输出进行直接数据传输
  • 数字和模拟信号输入和输出,峰值检测
  • 内置传感器调整助手软件
  • 参数化使公式能够快速更改
  • 参数化软件,包括图表记录和数据存储



  • 14 bit 分辨率的高信号质量
  • 具有IP60和IP65防护等级
  • 可选择的高通滤波器使信号漂移最小化
  • 电隔离信号输入和输出防止故障,50 kHz 快速数据采集

坚固的设计和高EMC干扰防护,提供 高质量的测量结果

CAD 图纸

请下载 CAD 文件。

Please note: The CAD download is handled by a third-party company which requires a separate user registration.

2 种不同型号

  • CMD600: 测量范围高达 600,000 pC
  • CMD2000: 测量范围高达 2,000,000 pC
  • 还提供 ePlan宏、LabVIEW驱动程序、可编程API、软件示例项目、Simatic Step7中的编程示例

    PACEline 附件

PACEline CMD Videos






CMD2000 - データシート Japanese
CMD600 - Prospetto dati Italian
CMD600 - データシート Japanese
PACEline CMD2000 - Data Sheet English
PACEline CMD2000 - Datenblatt German
PACEline CMD600 /-P - Data Sheet English
PACEline CMD600 /-P - Datenblatt German
PACEline CMD600/ CMD600P - Caractéristiques techniques French
PACEline DMD2000 - Caractéristiques techniques French
PACEline Piezo Technology - Brochure English
PACEline Piezotechnologie - Broschüre German
CMD600 - Manuale di istruzione Italian
CSB4/1 Summing Box - Operating Manual English, German, French, Italian
PACEline CMD - Interface Description English
PACEline CMD - Operating Manual French, German, English
KAB143, KAB145, KAB176 (cables) - Data Sheet English
KAB143, KAB145, KAB176 (câbles) - Caractéristiques techniques French
KAB143, KAB145, KAB176 (cavi di collegamento) - Prospetto dati Italian
KAB143, KAB145, KAB176 (Kabel) - Datenblatt German
PACEline CMD - Safety instructions French, German, English
Declaration of Conformity
1-KAB, K-KAB (cable)- 符合性聲明 多语言
CMD / CMA CE - EU Declaration of Conformity 多语言
CMD Firmware

Archive including all current firmware for all modules of the CMD series (CMD600 and CMD2000).
Please use "CMD Firmware Updater for Version 3.62 and higher" on this page.

Date: 03/2016  |  Version: 3.74  |  Size: 248 KB
Related Documents: Release Notes

CMA/CMD CAE data for Eplan Electric P8

This project is a macro-project and contains CAE data for Eplan Electric P8.

Date: 10/2011  |  Version: 1.00  |  Size: 18 MB

CMD Assistant

CMD Assistant and Firmware Loader for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7/8/10. Allows the easy setup of CMD modules, visualization and process-data storage. All required drivers are included and will be installed during startup.

Starting with assistant-version only CMD with firmware 3.0 and higher can be used. Devices with firmware 2.9 and lower are shown in the device-scan but marked red with a note for firmware-update. Please do also a firmware-update for those devices, for features see release-notes.

Date: 03/2016  |  Version:  |  Size: 66 MB
Related Documents: Release Notes

CMD LabView driver and example project

To simplify the use of CMD meauring amplifier a complete support for communication in form of a Labview driver is available, respectively Labview programs/subroutines called virtual instruments (VIs).
The purpose of this document is to explain in detail all aspects of the Labview CMD driver:

  • Driver structure
  • VI blocks
  • Application example – getting started

The CMD driver is completely written in Labview Professional Development System. In order to use the drivers the user will need Labview version 9.0.1 or later.
This example does not imply any warranty or guarantee.

Date: 07/2015  |  Size: 3 MB

CMD Siemens Profinet integation example project

This is an instruction for using a CMD charge amplifier with a Siemens 1200 controller in a Profinet network.

It shows how to stream data via UDP from the charge amplifier to the controller via UDP with up to 1000 Hz and send a command via TCP.

This non-real-time communication can be performed simultaneously to an existing real-time ProfiNet connection over the same line.

Communication is done with program blocks, which are enclosed with the technote in the .scl file.


HBM does not guarantee the completeness and correctness of this example.


Date: 07/2019  |  Size: 1 MB

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