HBM Genesis measurement in the laboratory of transients and its control of hydropower station

The laboratory of transients and its control of hydropower station

The transient process and control closely associates with design and running of hydropower stations. Early in this century, lots of researches associated had been carried out. With the development of hydropower potential, many large underground stations and pumped-storage power stations had been built, to separately research water current, hydraulic machinery and electric transient cannot satisfy the need of design and operation of plants. In order to solve those urgency engineering problems, we should research water current, hydraulic machinery and electric transient process integrally; connect the research of monitoring of turbine generator units with the research of automaton of stations and combine the basic theory, numerical simulation and model test. 

The main object of this laboratory is to serve for large hydroelectric projects. There are 7 systems built, they are:

  • Circulating water system
    It includes an underground pond, an opening tank that can be risen, a fixed pond, four pumping and piping and valve system.
  • Control system
    The system is a frequency and power control system. There are 8 sets of computerized regulators that have been used in different tests
  • Hydraulic machinery system
    There are 8 mixed flow model turbines and 8 generators. The total power can reach 20 kW.
  • Simulated electric system
    The system includes three sets of micro-computer exciting and synchronous facilities, a local network and many power panels.
  • Monitoring system
  • Data acquisition system
    It made of different kinds of sensors (flowmeter, pressure, torque, power, current, voltage, temperature, strain and so on), dynamic DAQ system. The system can not only collect and analyze the experimental data, but also can be connected with the monitoring system and form a whole measuring and controlling system.
  • Penstock system
    This system can simulate the real hydropower stations from upstream entry to downstream tail water.

Our solution and Benefits
GEN7i*1; GN3210*2; GN611*1 and Perception
In this application, the sample rate higher than 200k/S is needed. HBM GN3210 board with 250k/S per channel can support 32 channels IEPE, Charger and voltage, it’s what customer really wants. Besides this, powerful formula in Perception helps customer a lot. They need to calculate the power of generator and some further analysis. 

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