Solutions for the oil and gas industry

Oil and gas are valuable raw materials. Therefore, it is all the more important that their processing and distribution is as efficient as possible.

Test and measurement solutions from HBM help you to optimally check your infrastructural facilities, conveyor systems and pipelines for fatigue and loading.

White Paper: Drift in Bonded Foil Strain Gauge-Based Sensors

Bonded foil strain gauges offer a unique combination of range, accuracy, and stability required in harsh environments common in the oil and gas industries.

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Load and fatigue testing of pipelines and other infrastructural facilities

Electrical and optical strain gauges from HBM allow fatigue tests to be performed - during development and production as well as during use.

HBM technology also enables infrastructural facilities such as compressor stations to be monitored.

Case Study: Mitsui Babcock - on bending and breaking

Structural testing and experimental stress analysis with HBM

Efficiency measurements using torque transducers in gas compressor stations

The use of torque transducers in gas compressor stations facilitates precise acquisition of the drive power. This is a major prerequisite for optimal control of the compressor stations with minimal use of energy.

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Virtual fatigue and load tests using HBM nCode software

nCode simulation software from HBM helps to optimize product durability and enables fatigue life prediction during component design and development stage. nCode software also manages and enables sharing of service data from huge infrastructural facilities.

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Pipeline monitoring using fiber optic strain sensors

Using strain gauges to monitor stress on oil and gas pipelines helps prevent failure, but using them effectively and affordably requires highly skilled technicians. However, a new pipeline monitoring solution using fiber optic strain sensors offers enhanced ease of use.

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Your benefits with HBM

  • Durability and protection of your investments
  • Minimization of raw material loss during transport
  • Optimization and significant reduction of energy use in compressor stations
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