HBM offers cables with a high level of protection on cable reels for installation of weighing systems outdoors.

TPE cables from HBM for reliable weighing outdoors

Cable made of thermoplastic elastomers from HBM Test and Measurement offer a high level of protection against weather and rodents. They are now also available on cable reels for easier installation.

Sturdiness and long-term stability are essential features for weighing technology used in outdoor weighing applications. HBM has developed cables made of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) for this purpose which offer even greater mechanical protection compared to PVC cables. These cables are also available with metal braid (CABM1 series) if required to protect the cable system from rodents. This eliminates the need for special cable protection pipes, which are usually expensive, while retaining the same high system safety and reliability.

To provide additional flexibility for users of weighing systems in outdoor installations of weighers, HBM now offers its cables on cable reels as well.

Suitable installation material is provided, as also for the C16 and HLC load cells, weighing modules C16/M and HLC/M and the WE2107 weighing electronics, etc.

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