Digital Input Card (GN6470)

The Binary Marker card is a dedicated binary input option for GEN DAQ products.

It enables to record up to 64 binary input channels (marker channels) with up to 1 MS/s per channel. In addition 9 binary input channels can be assigned under software control to provide 3 channels of timer/counter functionality. Each channel can have its own function.

The timer/counter functionality includes: General purpose up/down counter Frequency/RPM counter Quadrature/ position measurements. The counter/timer functionality uses up to 3 event bits per channel. These event bits also keep their original functionality. E.g. you can use a quadrature encoder and at the same time look at the quadrature signals separately.

HBM Perception software provides integrated display and control of the event and timer/counter channels, that are recorded in parallel with the analog channels. A full range of features is available for each channel seperately to make the best use of the event channels.

Settings include name, units, invert and storage on/off. In addition each event channel can be used as a trigger condition, a qualifier or an alarm. Each of these conditions can be set to either positive/negative or high/low active. This combination of features gives you the capability to create complete "bit patterns" to be used as trigger or qualifier.

Note: The timer/counter channels cannot be used for triggering or alarm.

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