Industrial amplifier for torque and angle of rotation measurements

As of now, the PMX industrial measuring amplifier from HBM Test and Measurement enables precise and dynamic measurement of frequency, pulse, speed, angle of rotation and torque.

Torque transducers can now be integrated in the PMX industrial amplifier system. PMX acquires torque, speed and angle of rotation fully dynamically. A PMX amplifier plug-in card can acquire up to four torque transducers simultaneously with a measuring bandwidth of up to 6 kHz. In addition to torque, encoder signals of up to 2 MHz can be acquired with absolute precision in rough industrial environments. Real time Ethernet fieldbuses such as Profinet®, Ethercat® or Industrial Ethernet® ensure reliable integration of machine and plant control systems.

Starting up the PMX measurement system is child's play due to the interaction between APM technology (Advanced Plug & Measure) and TEDS. Connected transducers are automatically recognized, complicated settings are not required and the actual measurement task can be started immediately. The benefits for the user are time savings, greater system stability and the avoidance of sources of error

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