Torque and rotational speed measurement with independent field bus networks

With the flexible interface module TIM-EC and its EtherCAT interface, HBM is offering a tool for the digital transfer of torque and speed signals. EtherCAT enables precise real time communication with high performance and bandwidth. The TIM-EC is also characterized by fast jitter-free data transmission with low delay times and is therefore eminently suitable for highly dynamic measurements. Torque, speed, angle and output can be precisely acquired and digitally integrated into control and automation systems without any losses in real time.

The TIM-EC interface module is constantly being upgraded. The newly integrated coupler functionality, also called intercommunication or TIM-to-TIM communication, enables the integration of the torque transducer in independent Industrial Ethernet networks. This means that measured values can be adapted to the respective measurement task independently of each other. A torque transducer can therefore be operated simultaneously in different networks so that real time communication within the networks is guaranteed. The module can be used in field bus-based automation and control systems – for instance, in test benches for electric motors, combustion engines, gears, pumps and compressors.



TIM-EC system configuration
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