Basic/IEPE ISO 2 MS/s Input Card (GN815)

The GEN DAQ Basic/IEPE ISO Input Card is a general purpose signal conditioner for use with voltage inputs, externally conditioned signals or probes and current clamps. This card also supports IEPE transducers and TEDS class 1 for easy setup of the acquisition channels.

  • GN815: 18 bit resolution, 2 MS/s
  • GN816: 18 bit resolution, 200 kS/s

Every channel is equipped with an independent full range input amplifier, a 7-pole Bessel or Butterworth analog anti-aliasing filter and user selectable digital Bessel, Butterworth and Elliptic IIR filters.

The amplifier provides voltage inputs from ± 10 mV to ± 50 V. Isolate metal BNC are used for each channel. For true real-time analysis the cards offer real-time cycle or timer based calculations. Automatic zero crossing detection allows for asynchronous true RMS, mean and other calculations that can be used to trigger the recording.


  • 8 channels for simultaneous acquisition
  • Isolated, unbalanced differential inputs
  • ± 10 mV to ± 50 V input range

High-end input stages


  • IEPE transducer support
  • TEDS class 1 support for IEPE

Ready for IEPE sensors

Real Time

  • Real-time formula database
  • Real-time cycle based calculators
  • Triggering on real-time results

True real time calculations

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