HBM EtherCAT Gateway for torque measurement in full and partial range for even more accuracy

HBM offers the market a unique tool with the EtherCAT interface module TIM-EC which can digitally transmit torque and speed signals, angle of rotation and power via EtherCAT. The hardware can support a bus cycle time of up to 20 kHz. TIM-EC from HBM Test & Measure-ment already gave users the option of including torque transducer calibration results in the existing data points approximation. As of now, two independently parameterizable data point approximations are available.

The calibration results of the full range (1:1) and the partial range (e.g. 1:5 or 1:10) can thus be stored separately in the interface module TIM-EC and used in parallel to achieve even greater accuracy. Both measured values for full and partial range calibration are transmitted simultaneously via the EtherCAT bus. Switching to different measuring ranges or to different parameter sets is therefore no longer necessary.

This provides an optimally matched measurement chain for each application case. TIM-EC can be used with great flexibility for diverse measurement tasks and is therefore a future-proof investment.

The module can be used in field bus-based automation and control systems – for instance, in test benches for electric motors, combustion engines, gears, pumps and compressors. Users can therefore acquire digital signals and standard frequency signals with precision.

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