Installing wired strain gauges quickly and reliably

Wired strain gauges (SGs) from HBM Test and Measurement (HBM) are suitable for high temperatures. They also feature an impressive fast delivery time and are RoHS-compliant to ensure they can be used in the future.

Soldering strain gauges is not only time-consuming, it also requires experience and the right equipment. HBM is therefore offering SGs to its customers ready made to the required cable length. The new wired SGs from HBM also offer advantages resulting from the use of new materials.

HBM has changed the connecting lines on stranded wires and TPE sheath, increasing their temperature range to 150°C and also making them more flexible and therefore easier to handle. This makes it easier for customers to position the SGs during installation

Another feature of the HBM product is the non-latching property of the connections, which ensures increasing reliability and also increases durability by providing significant strain relief. The solder used for the ready-made strain gauges contains no lead, making it RoHS-compliant and ensuring long-term use in numerous applications.

The special fast-lane service HBM offers for small orders ensures fast delivery, even with variable cable lengths.

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