Profitable sensor solution for manufacturers of packaging machines

FIT7A, the innovative sensor solution from HBM, will be competing with EMF sensors.


The new digital load cells provide a real alternative to sensors based on electromagnetic force compensation (EFC). With a price up to 60% cheaper than the EMF sensors frequently used until now, modern SG-based load cells make it possible to develop completely new machine types and market segments. One example of this is sorting weighers and checkweighers for the food industry. Especially these price-sensitive markets with growing requirements for precision and the desire to achieve the lowest possible overfilling in product packaging will benefit from the innovative new products.

The new FIT7A digital load cell from HBM is a good example of this new generation. With accuracy class C4 per OIML R60 and a maximum scale division Y of up to 25,000, the FIT7A can be used to process over 180 weighing process a minute.

The FIT7A features extensive functions for signal conditioning. Interference signals are effectively suppressed by means of digital filters. The weight can be determined exactly with different types of triggers. The corresponding HBM software PanelX provides support for the configuration process with an intuitive user interface.

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