The QuantumX MX840B, a universal amplifier from HBM Test and Measurement (HBM) used in numerous industries, combines precision and flexible adaptability to many different applications in the new generation of modules, thanks to the additional support of IEPE sensors.

Universal and precise measuring amplifier

QuantumX MX840B can be used universally for any type of measurand. From mechanical, thermal and electrical to hydraulic measurands including force, strain, acceleration, torque, rotational speed, temperature, voltage, current, pressure and flow rate – the universal amplifier processes each signal and returns a suitable response to almost any measuring and testing task. The comprehensive character of the QuantumX MX840B module is underscored by its universal inputs with automatic channel parameterization (TEDS).

The new module also supports current-fed piezoelectric transducers (IEPE/ICP) on each channel. With a sampling rate of 40 kS/s and a signal bandwidth of 7 kHz, it is ideal for measuring and analyzing electrical vibrations, mechanical vibrations and noises in the time, frequency and angle domain. Like all other QuantumX modules, the new MX840B can be distributed over up to 100 m and used synchronously, using Ethernet and PTP. That brings the measurement technology right up to the measuring point and it can still be integrated easily into networks.

Because it is so flexible, the new universal amplifier can be used in different mobile and stationary applications, for example in design to test function and durability or for power and efficiency tests of drives. 

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