Precise and reliable torque flange for rotational speeds up to 24,000 rpm


Requirements for torque measurement technology are constantly increasing in terms of rotational speed and ever greater precision, especially in test benches for electric motors and generators. HBM has developed a torque transducer available with a maximum continuous rotational speed of 20,000 rpm in standard version and 24,000 rpm in the high-speed version.

A measurement accuracy of 0.03 % in terms of linearity deviation is guaranteed, including hysteresis error. The new T40B torque transducer also fully supports the TIM-EC EtherCAT interface module. To increase flexibility, users can integrate both the torque and the rotational speed signal of the measurement flange into EtherCAT networks using the same front end.

Typical applications for the T40B torque transducer are in motor, transmission or brake test benches in the automotive industry and for testing electric or hybrid drive systems.  

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