HBMshop offers over 250 types of strain gauges online, available for immediate delivery

HBM Test and Measurement (HBM), the internationally leading manufacturer of strain gauges (SG), offers 260 types of SGs available for delivery immediately from stock. Users can quickly configure the desired SG through the HBMshop and order at any time.

The range includes SGs for experimental stress analysis with different geometries, measuring grid lengths, resistance values and temperature response matching. It also includes special strain gauges, for example prewired SGs or strain gauges with high resistance to alternating loads. The preferred types available for immediate delivery are identified in the HBM catalog (available for download free of charge from hbm.com). That allows customers to make the right selection quickly if a rush order needs to be placed for an urgent measurement task.

For customized electrical strain gauges, HBM promises rapid production within just eight to ten weeks. That makes it easy to calculate and plan for obtaining a specific SG or ordering large quantities.

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