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Webinar: Testing in Real-World Conditions - What Are the Requirements for Mobile Testing?


When testing vehicles, mobile data acquisition is probably the most difficult and most interesting of all challenges. Apart from all the test conditions in the test bench, "real life" is what testing is about - and new developments must prove themselves in hard reality.

The specific requirements for mobile tests also apply for the test and measuring equipment that is being used. It must be robust and fit for extreme ambient conditions: i.e. it needs to withstand shocks, humidity, vibration and extreme temperature variations.

And yet, an increasing number of data and parameters is to be acquired in both test benches and mobile tests. How can this be done? Our webinar presents the challenges of mobile testing and the technical options currently available. In addition, we would like to look in more detail at the new modules of the SomatXR family, which have just been introduced to the market.


Finn Lange

Product manager for ultra-rugged data acquisition systems


[email protected]

Markus Ambrosch

Sales engineer with a focus on mobile data acquisition


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