WTX110: 结实的贸易终端 WTX110: 结实的贸易终端 | HBM

WTX110: 坚固的贸易秤用终端

高性能 WTX110 称重终端带有坚固的不锈钢外壳,并通过IP69K认证。适用于各种静态或动态灌装或配量任务。 是恶劣环境下或有严格卫生要求的贸易称重重应用的理想选择。 适合用于食品,制药和化学品等行业。

WTX110-D: 数字称重传感器称重终端

WTX110-A 可连接到任何模拟称重传感器。WTX110-D 适合通过 RS485 接口(2线或4线)连接数字称重传感器(如C16I)。TFT 彩色显示屏和直观的 PanelX 称重软件非常适合现场操作,并具有出色的性价比!

不确定哪个称重终端适合您?  比较WTX110和WTX120


  • 台式,壁挂式或控制面板安装
  • 坚固的不锈钢外壳
  • 所有外壳均为 IP69K 保护等级
  • 可选: 数字输入和输出; 串口(RS485,RS232); 模拟输出(mA,V / DC)

适合用于恶劣环境: 防潮,防尘,可使用清洁剂:适用于食品,制药和化工行业


  • 大而明亮的高分辨率 4.3“ TFT 显示屏具有出众的视角
  • 按键操作
  • 多语言(也适用于亚洲字母)
  • 可选:以太网 TCP / IP 接口,用于直观的称重技术软件 PanelX 或 WTX app

操作方便: 现场或远程操作 


  • 优异的性价比
  • 适于静态和动态称重任务
  • 贸易称重精度 10.000 e (OIML 认证)
  • 德国制造

物超所值: 尖端技术,性价比高

HBM 完整的称重解决方案

全能 WTX110-A 称重终端可与 HBM 高精度传感器完美匹配,提供完整的称重解决方案。可以方便,独立地管理测量链并进行校准。可通过 PanelX 或 WTX app 进行现场或远程管理。另外,测量数据采用 HTTPS 通信加密,数据无法篡改。

WTX 系列产品已经为工业 4.0 和计量标准做好了准备。

WTX110 - 安装选项

WTX110 Step 文件

Download the CAD step files for this product!
WTX110 CAD step files

WTX110: 技术资料

WTX110 - 數據表 Chinese
WTX110 - Caractéristiques technique French
WTX110 - Data Sheet English
WTX110 - Datenblatt German
WTX110 - Folha de dados Portuguese
WTX110 - Hoja de caracerísticas Spanish
WTX110 - Prospetto dati Italian
WTX110 - спецификация Russian
WTX110 - 데이터 시트 Korean
WTX110 - データシート Japanese
WTX 110 - Navigation Pilot English
WTX110 - Operating Manual German, English
WTX110 - инструкция по эксплуатации Russian
WTX110 - Safety Instructions English, German, French
WTX110 - Baumusterprüfschein German
WTX110 - Bewertungszertifikat German
WTX110 - Evaluation Certificate English
WTX110 - OIML R76 Certificate English
WTX110 - Type Examination Certificate English
Declaration of Conformity
1-KAB, K-KAB (cable)- 符合性聲明 多语言
WTX110-A/D-AC1/AD3/AD4 - EU Declaration of Conformity 多语言
WTX110-A/D-DC/-BA - EU Declaration of Conformity 多语言
WTX110 and WTX120 Firmware

Firmware for WTX110 and WTX120. Unpack the zip-file and upload the zfw-file with the WTX-Firmware-update tool into the WTX device.

Date: 07/2022  |  Version: 2.1.0  |  Size: 19 MB
Related Documents: Release Notes

Automation-API WINDOWS Library and Software-Example

The HBM Automation API (Application Programming Interface) is an opensource interface that allows to access the functionality of various devices via Ethernet, WTX110, WTX120 and DSE-HIE. This enables to quickly create own application programs optimally adapted to your applications.

It includes the links to download the API from GIT-HUB github.com/HBM/Automation-API , a detailed manual with How-To´s and Ready-made examples to get started in only minutes with MS-Visual-Studio, also an EXE-Example to connect and operate DSE and WTX devices without software-environment.

Legal notice: The code and example does not imply any warranty or guarantee.

Date: 02/2021  |  Version: 1.0  |  Size: 453 KB

WTX110 CAE data for ePLAN Electric P8

Macro-project containing CAE data for ePLAN Electric P8.

Date: 01/2021  |  Version: 1.0  |  Size: 18 MB

HBM Device discovery

Java tool for finding HBM devices in Ethernet-networks even with non-configured network-settings. Unzip and copy the file to the PC and run it. All HBM devices will be shown in the network. Right mouse-click opens a menu to read and setup the device network-settings. Note: Java has to be installed on the PC.

Date: 03/2018  |  Size: 270 KB


Panel software for:

  • WTX Series
  • PAD Digital Transducer Electronics
  • FIT load cells (FIT/4, FIT/5, FIT5A, FIT7A, FIT5X)
  • Digital load cells (PW15iA, PW15AHi, PW20i, C16i, C16i3, LCMC)
  • AD/AED electronics (AD103C, AD104C, AD105C, AD105D)

Download, unzip and install the Tool on a PC with Windows 7/8/10/11 or 12.

Date: 09/2023  |  Version: 2.2.0  |  Size: 26 MB
Related Documents: Release Notes

Progressive-Web-Application (PWA) for WTX Weighing-Terminals

The WTX-PWA (Progressive-Web-Application) is a web-based Grafical-User-Interface which allows an easy operation and visualization of WTX on each terminal / mobile device with Web-Browser.

This package includes the links to download the WTX-PWA wtx-setup.hbm.com , and a Quick-start manual for the WTX-PWA.

Legal notice: The code and example does not imply any warranty or guarantee.


Date: 02/2021  |  Version: 1.0  |  Size: 439 KB

WTX110 and WTX120 Firmware Update Tool

Firmware-Update Tool for WTX110 and WTX120. Download, unzip and install the Tool on a PC with Windows 7/8/10/11.

Start it, scan for WTX, select the WTX firmware and run the update until it is successfully finished. Don't disconnect power-supply to WTX during the Firmware-update.

Date: 06/2022  |  Version:  |  Size: 2 MB

Tech Notes

This is a collection of technical application reports for requirements around WTX.

They show a step-by-step solution up to the running project.

Available languages: English

  • Printer connection and setup via USB or Ethernet(TCP/IP) to WTX110 and WTX120
  • Remote display connection via Ethernet(TCP/IP) to WTX110 and WTX120
  • Corner-adjustment with WTX110-D and HBM Digital load-cells (RS485)

Legal notice: The examples given are intended to illustrate the solution and integration into WTX.

The examples do not imply any warranty or guarantee.

Date: 04/2022  |  Size: 4 MB

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