How Safe is your Pipeline?

Oil and gas processing and distribution should be as efficient as possible.

Test and measurement solutions from HBM help you to optimally check your oil and gas infrastructures, systems and components for fatigue and loading.

Learn about some of our projects and case studies:

HBM advanced monitoring systems

provide reliable measurements...

  • Strain measurements for fatigue testing and mechanical stress identification
  • Torque measurements in driven gas compressor to determine efficiency

... of different values and structures

  • Mechanical loads and measurable variables 
  • Infrastructural facilities, foundation structures, risers, pipes, cranes, conveyor systems and pipelines

in most oil & gas monitoring applications

  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Load and Fatigue Testing  
  • Structural Testing and Experimental Stress Analysis 

Your Benefits with HBM

Durability and protection of your investments
Extension of your structure service life
Minimization of raw material loss during transport
Optimization and significant reduction of energy use in compressor stations
Damage evaluation after structural faults
Optical sensors chain on pipeline:
Technical Article / White Paper

by Will Bowden, OEM Sales Manager, HBM, Inc.


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