Seminar: PMX and CODESYS - Data Acquisition, Parameterization and Introduction to Programming

  Two Day Seminar      Various Locations      Level: Advanced

The PMX data acquisition system is ideally suited for use in an industrial environment, for example in production monitoring or end-of-line test benches. In this seminar, you will learn how to develop an efficient system architecture for PMX, incorporate it into your automation system and operate PMX professionally.

If you are booking an individual seminar date for PMX, we will be happy to adapt the topic to your special assignments and if necessary train your entire team. 

Seminar content:

  • Structure, architecture and philosophy of the PMX system
  • Input cards: Functional scope, selection criteria, connecting
  • Operation via web browser and catman
  • Creating real-time computing channels. What computations are possible?
  • Integrating PMX into fieldbus systems
  • Using PMX as a soft PLC with CODESYS
  • Creating your own web visualizations with CODESYS
  • Diagnostic functions

Your HBM Academy Plus

Especially for individual seminar dates, we address your specific system landscape—for the perfect integration of PMX! 

Target group:

All PMX users

Prior knowledge:

Basic familiarity with mechanics and electrical engineering desirable. These skills can be acquired in the seminars "Compact Introduction to Technical Mechanics" and "Basic Principles of Electrical Engineering."

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