Iron Bird Testing with catman Enterprise 8.0

catman Enterprise is the leading data acquisition (DAQ) software for tests with high channel counts. This makes the DAQ software ideal for aerospace testing applications such as static and fatigue testing.

With the release of catman Enterprise version 8.0, it is now possible to acquire data from digital avionics buses, such as ARINC-429 and MIL-STD-1553. This opens a new field of test applications in which users can benefit from HBM’s experience with high channel counts. The applications range from testing of subsystems like landing gears up to the full-scale iron bird test.

In full-scale iron bird testing, all major flight controls, hydraulics and electrics are functionally tested. Therefore, all these components are placed on a giant test rig, the iron bird, making sure that the distances between them correspond to the actual aircraft. To determine whether cause and effect correlate, digital bus data from avionics buses like ARINC-429 are MIL-STD-1553 (cause) are acquired in parallel and synchronized to data from analog sensors placed on flight controls, hydraulics and electrics (effect). The data is then used to validate not only functionality, but also performance and reliability.

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