HBM's eMobility Day USA is coming to a city near you!

HBM's eMobility Day is free seminar which provides you with practical tips and answers to your questions about measurement and optimization in the electric drivetrain.

Learn everything you need to know about HBM’s  electric motor and inverter testing solutions and discuss your questions about this exciting topic of  electrification with our experts directly on site.

Who should attend?

  • Beginners and advanced users interested in learning how to effectively use test and measuring equipment
  • Users interest in working with real world examples to ensure maximum practical relevance as well as fast and successful learning
  • Tailored to all who want to gain deeper insights into the topic of electrification: development, testing, and research staff
  • Basic knowledge of electrical measurement technology is helpful

Topics Included:

  • Mechanical and electrical power measurements of electric motors
  • Power measurement of simple or complex electric drives
  • Analysis of continuous raw data from electric drives
  • Assessment of measurement uncertainty in electric power measurement
  • Accuracy and measurement uncertainty – what does it actually mean?
  • How to correctly interpret data sheets
  • Approaches towards measurement uncertainty with DC and static load
  • Dynamic power measurement
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