Calibration on Tour 2016 Finland

In week 22 (May 31-June 3, 2016) we are in Finland ready to calibrate your HBM amplifier.

You can simply book a time slot, have your equipment calibrated and delivered back to you asap. If needed, you can get your equipment back already after one working day. Easy, fast and minimum efforts for you.

If you have a large system which cannot be moved from your site and want it calibrated during Calibration on Tour - contact us and we find a solution.

Why should you calibrate your amplifier?

One way of ensuring accurate and reliable measurement results is through calibration. How can you tell and document that your amplifier is reliable and stays within the specification? The answer is by calibration. Many companies, customers and applications require calibration on regular basis.

With our Working standard calibrations you get a traceble calibration (ISO10012). On request we also upgrade Firmware free of charge. If your amplifier is out of specification we detect this and can help you to get it repaired and adjusted in the correct way.

Your benefits with Calibration on Tour:

Minimum downtime of your measurement equipment

Ensure accurate and reliable measurement results through traceable HBM amplifier calibrations (read more below)

We calibrate the following HBM amplifiers:

  • QuantumX (all units)
  • MGCplus (all cards except for ML38B)
  • Spider8
  • Scout55
  • MVD2555
  • EspressoDAQ

In case you have a request for working standard calibration for an amplifier not mentioned above don’t hesitate to contact us for a discussion. Please send us your request for further information about Calibration on Tour at the latest 25th of May for planning reasons.


Yes, I want to know more about Calibration On Tour:

Large system?

Traceable calibration

Want to see what the calibration certificate contains?

View an example here

Herman Lingefelt

Herman Lingefelt from HBM Nordic Project Engineering is your calibration professional during Calibration on Tour Finland

Get in contact with Herman