New Solutions for Smart Weighing Applications 4.0 New Solutions for Smart Weighing Applications 4.0 | HBM

New Solutions for Smart Weighing Applications 4.0


This webinar has been recorded and was originally held on 30 November 2021.

In industrial process monitoring and process automation, the evaluation of mechanically measured variables such as the loads, temperature etc. acting on them is essential. In weighing process control, the use of innovative, robust and highly accurate measuring devices is an important aspect of electronics. At the same time, the demands on this are increasing - such as simple and intuitive operation via a web server, provision of modern fieldbus and IloT interfaces for connection to automation systems.

In this webinar, our product manager Michael Guckes shows you how HBK solves the topic of filling, dosing and check-weighing with smart industrial measuring amplifiers and learning algorithms. We will discuss the difference between parameterization and programming and what are the resulting cost-benefits. A live demo will show the benefits.



Michael Guckes

Product Manager Industrial Electronics


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