Liberty PMB Update

Important information for all HBM customers who own a Liberty 4 or 8 slot mainframe: if your system has been struggling with batteries that no longer charge, we have a free of charge solution!

We identified several unexpected behaviors related to Liberty’s Power Management Board (PMB). The issues appeared occasionally in 4 slot mainframes but were most common in the 8 slot Liberty. The most common occurrence for users was an internal battery that could no longer be charged. A new version of FPGA software for the PMB (v5.00) corrects the problem.

In order to get your mainframe updated, it needs to be sent in to an HBM Service Center.

For full details on the changes made in the PMB software, you can download the Release Notes HERE.

Please contact us today!

Americas, Asia (except China)

HBM Service Center Marlboro, MA, USA
Tel: +1-800-578-4260

Europe, Africa, Middle East, India, Australia

HBM Service Center Darmstadt, Germany
Tel: +49-6151-8030


HBM Service Center Suzhou, China
Tel: +86 512 682 47776
Free hotline: 4006217621

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