What's new in Perception 7.00?

New real-time math capabilities for GEN DAQ users.
Perception 7.00 supports the new real-time formula database (on selected input boards) and brings other cool features as well.

Real-time formula database...

This allows to generate and execute user formulas in real time. So, complex math can be created and downloaded to the DSPs on selected acquisition boards like the new Universal amplifier for strain gage measurement with up to 500 kS/s. The formulas are executed in real time, and the results are stored either individually or together with the raw data.

….and EtherCAT support

For test rig integration, all results from the real-time formula database (like Mean, Max or RMS values) can be streamed out in hard real-time with the new EtherCAT interface to a control system.

All results are available with 1 ms latency.

eDrive application optimized for motor mapping

The multisweep mode allows very fast, repetitive triggered acquisition and power calculation per set point. Thus, a single set point can be tested in the fraction of a second, following which the test may advance to the next set point. No dead time or settling time is needed (from the DAQ point of view). Thus, the resulting Excel table with torque, speed and efficiency used as input for maps can be created in just a few minutes with hundreds or thousands of set points.

…and giving customers much more than what they requested:

  • Larger cursor handles
  • Support for analog torque transducers in eDrive
  • Various new formula functions like CyclePhase or CycleCrestFactor
  • Several new user key actions
  • System health overview
  • Improvements for BE32000 test sequencer
  • Choice of single or split recording files
  • Load recent functionality
  • Windows 10 support.

Perception Data Acquisition Software