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Solving Customer OEM Sensor Problems


For many specialized or demanding load, force, pressure and torque applications when off-the-shelf sensors are not an option, HBM designs and manufactures sensor and sub-assemblies that are compatible with today’s smart products, while requiring minimal design change to the OEM’s existing system.

HBM’s four main offerings include:

•        Strain gages for custom transducers
•        OEM gaging services to gage customer supplied parts
•        Building block sensors, for parts such as pump blades
•        Assemblies that includes load introduction parts

This webinar will explain the process behind a custom designed solution, from initial scope and performance definition through the design and build cycle, including verification and validation. Included in the process is any modification to any existing structural member to make a sensor to measure quantities such as force or torque.


Grant Eisenhut

OEM Sales Manager at HBM


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John Pacheco

Product Development Engineer at HBM


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