Online Seminar: eDrive Testing Solution for Optimized Testing of Electric Drives


 3 hours online training (4x)


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  Level: Advanced


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Take advantage of the full functionality of the HBM eDrive Testing system for power analysis and measurement, data acquisition and analysis on electric drives and inverters. This seminar puts you in a position to use the system quickly and safely in all its applications.

  • Components of the HBM eDrive Testing System (hardware, software)
  • Create a test bench setup
  • Basics of power calculation based on cycle detection
  • Implementation of the performance calculation via the Perception Formula Database system integration
  • Individual questions

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Wheatstone Bridge & Compensation I

Connection & Compensation II

Strain Gauge Amplifiers

Strain, Stress and Hooke's Law

• Fundamentals

• Compensation of different influences

• Temperature Compensation I

• Demonstration experiments and discussion

• Connection options (2-/3-/4- etc. wirering)

• Self-compensation strain gauges

• Temperature Compensation II

• Demonstration experiments and discussion

• Amplifier principles (CF, DC)

• Selection criteria

• Eliminate undesirable influences

•Additional functions

• Demonstration experiments and discussion

• Load, residual stress and thermal stress

• Uniaxial and multi-axial stress

• Determination of principal stress states

• Demonstration experiments and discussion

Your HBM Academy-Plus

Benefit from the wealth of experience of our trainers in electric power testing technology: In the seminar there is enough time to answer your individual questions!

Target group:

All users of electric power testing.

Prior knowledge:

Basic and intermediate knowledge of mechanics is helpful

Upcoming question for technical requirements will be answered here.
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Available Dates (please note: this is a seminar for which we charge a fee!)


Duration: on 4 consecutive days / 3 hours parts
(with a scheduled break in between!)

Price: 800 EUR exclusive VAT // $1,015 USD


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