Measurement Instruments From HBM

HBM has built its reputation on expertise and technological innovations.

Our data acquisition systems, analysis and calibration software, strain gauges, sensors and transducers make us an undisputed leader in the field of measurement instruments.

Load Cells, Sensors, Transducers, Strain Gauges

HBM provides the widest range of transducers for measuring many physical quantities.

Load Cells [lbf / kg]

Load Cells [N]

Strain Gauges [ε / μm/m]

Torque Sensors [N•m]

Pressure Sensors [bar / psi]

Displacement Transducer [inches / mm]

Strain transducers

Custom sensors

Data Acquisition Systems, Amplifiers & Software

HBM data acquisition systems provide increased efficiency and reliability. Regardless of the industry in which you perform test and measurement tasks.

DAQ Data Acquisition Systems

Signal Conditioners

Weighing Indicators

Measurement Software

Fatigue and Durability Software (nCode)

Support and Measurement Services

Our competent team of engineers and technicians will support you with many services in every stage of your test and measurement project – before or after your purchase.

Calibration Laboratory

Measurement Services

Training and Measurement Seminars

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